April 11, 2015

Risk Assessment Publications/Papers

Curwen, T. (2011).  A framework to assist in evaluating children’s risk to repeat concerning sexual behaviour.  In M. Calder (Ed.), Contemporary Practice with Young People who Sexually Abuse: Evidence-based Developments (pp. 263 – 291). Russell House Publishing, Lyme Regis: Dorset.

Curwen, T. & Costin, D. (2010, November).  Concerning child sexual behaviour: Identification and assessment.  Invited address presented at the Current Issues in Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence, and Child Maltreatment Conference. Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, ON.

Curwen, T. & Costin, D. (2010, October).  Concerning Child Sexual Behaviour: Empirically-based Identification, Assessment, and Intervention.  Invited 2-day Workshop. Toronto, ON.

Curwen, T. (2010). Assessing Risk to Repeat Sexual Behaviour Problems (2.1): Coding guidelines Nipissing University, North Bay, Canada.

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Curwen, T. (2002). The SKATE Project: An analysis of function and success.  School  Kids: Assessment, Treatment and Education Project, SAFE-T Program, Toronto
District Board of Education, and Griffin Centre, Toronto, ON.

Curwen, T., Jenkins, J. M., & Worling, J. R. (under review). Differentiating children with and without a history of repeated sexual behaviours following adult reprimand.

Curwen, T. (in progress). Comprehensive review of evidence regarding abuse risk factors and the etiology of sexual offending and sexual behaviour problems.

Curwen, T. (in progress). Treatment providers’ beliefs of abuse risk factors for problematic sexual behaviours.