March 11, 2015

Welcome to the CCSB Regional Service Provider Network

This website is one aspect of a project designed to develop a Regional Network for both clinical and nonclinical professionals who offer services and support to children who engage in concerning sexual behaviours (CSB). The goal of this Network is to provide support, collaboration, and information to professionals in the Northern region of Ontario working with children (under 12 years of age) who engage in concerning sexual behaviours.

The Regional Network project is generously funded by the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services through a Safer and Vital Communities Grant.


On the site you will find:


A list of reading material and video links

Information on CSB

Research evidence and other materials that provide background information on the types of behaviours, family circumstances, and personal and interpersonal characteristics of children who engage in concerning sexual behaviours


This link provides an overview of the background, development, and goals of the CSB Network Project


Biographical information is provided for the principal investigator and a number of community-based professionals and agencies who are collaborating on the project

Professional Development

This link provides details of past and upcoming professional development opportunities and registration information

In the near future, the site will also provide links to resources selected specifically for teachers and school personnel and for clinicians providing assessment and/or services to children with CSB

As the website is currently under development, we appreciate your patience as we determine and develop the content. We would also welcome your thoughts regarding content that would benefit you; our goal is to make this site as collaborative and informative as possible