April 28, 2015


Provided by: Dr. G. Sharpe

Caring and Safe Schools in Ontario

  • All students in Ontario require a caring and safe environment
  • Information (resources/appropriate strategies) are provided to all school stakeholders to help them address behavioural challenges for students
  • Promoting positive student behaviour, understanding student behaviour, investigative strategies, (tools and resources), and implementing a progressive discipline model are the key components of the document
  • Risk assessment specific to an educational setting and indicators are discussed

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Responding to Children’s Sexual Behaviour in Elementary Schools

British Columbia Ministry of Education

  • The guide was created to help all school stakeholders respond to children’s concerning sexual behaviour(s) in a practical and preventative manner
  • The guide stresses communication between all school stakeholders, empathy and accountability
  • The document focuses on distinguishing between student behaviours and identifying appropriate levels of response
  • The guide helps school staff understand how sexual behaviour problems develop and how faculty can respond to these concerning sexual behaviours in an appropriate manner

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Children with Concerning Sexual Behaviour (video)

  • The video provides an overview of child sexuality and healthy versus unhealthy behaviours
  • School safety planning techniques (school staff roles and responsibilities) are outlined when responding to children with concerning sexual behaviour (CSB)
  • Parental support strategies are provided
  • The video delves into the myths regarding children with CSB
  • The video clearly defines examples of age-appropriate sexual behaviours in school-aged children
  • The video defines and examines the indicators of children’s CSB and the myriad of potential reasons for such behaviours
  • When to Intervene? (through the lens of a school stakeholder)
  • Clinical evaluations (and who is to be involved) and next steps regarding treatment for children with CSB are examined


Working with Children Who Display Concerning Sexual Behaviour (video)

  • This video is from the vantage point of a group home care provider and includes discussions regarding school stakeholder Implications
  • Examines the myths regarding the behaviour of children who have been sexually abused
  • Explores the risk factors that increase the risk for children with potential CSB
  • Distinguishes between typical/normal sexual behaviours and those behaviours deemed concerning
  • Classifies a child’s sexual behaviours into three categories: Green Light, Yellow Light and Red Light Behavioural Indicators
  • Models for Intervention are examined
  • Preventative education techniques are discussed with regards to children with CSB
  • A Safety and Schools section is discussed that gives an overview of applicable classroom strategies for school stakeholders regarding children with CSB



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